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Belt Levels

To earn your black belt in English, work your way down the page from white belt to black belt.

= major writing assignment.






Typing Club


Basic Writing Skills



Basic Reading Skills



Vocab (1)



Grammar Level 1:Words for Memorization



Intermediate Writing Skills






Blogging: Guidelines and Expectations



Sumbit a Blog Post


Vocab (2)



Grammar Level 2:
Parts of Speech



Proofreading Test:

Email Mr. Hall when you're ready to take this test.



Intermediate Writing Skills



Vocab (3)



Fascinating Facts:
Guidelines and Expectations



Submit a Letter from a Foreign Country


Intermediate Writing Skills



Vocab (4)



Narrative Tense and POV



Creative Writing



Grammar Level 3:



Vignettes: Guidelines and Expectations


Submit a Vignette


Short Story: Dread South



Book Reviews: Guidelines and Expectations



Submit a Book Review


Intermediate Writing Skills



Vocab (5)



Grammar Level 4:
Level 4: Simplifying Sentences



Short Story: Omega Ship



Current Events: Guidelines and Expectations



Submit a Current Events Report





Intermediate Writing Skills



Vocab (6)



Short Story: That Spot



GrammarLevel 5:
Types of Sentences



Poetry Poetic Devices



Poem: Annabel Lee



Narrative Writing



Submit a Short Story


Vocab (7)



Grammar Level 6: Hybrid Sentences



Short Story: The Tell-Tale Heart



Poem: A Song out of Midian



Adversarial Method



MLA Tutorial



Vocab (8)



Grammar 8: Compound-Complex Sentences




Vocab (9)



Grammar 9 (Phrases)









Vocab (10)



Grammar 10 (Noun Clauses)




Vocab (11)



Grammar 11: Adjective Clauses







Vocab (12)



Grammar Review



Black Belt Test


Congratulations! You're a black belt!