Introduction (Vocab)

Years ago, when I taught AP English, I found a textbook that included a list of "192 words that are commonly found on AP English exams". These are the words that you will learn in this unit. Although, ostensibly, all these words are "college-level" words, I think most of them are fairly common, and they can also be found in books (and tests) aimed at younger students.

I have divided this list into 24 mini units. If you do one of these mini units each week, you'll be done sometime near the start of the spring trimester. That's a good, steady pace. You could, of course, plough through these lessons at a faster pace, but I don't advise it. I think, in this case, it's best to remember the sage advice: "Slow and steady wins the race."

A word of caution. When doing the quizzes, it's possible to look up the answers by using Ctr+f and doing a search for a key word or phrase. There's nothing terribly wrong with this, as long as you actually read the definitions and sample sentences each time you encounter them. However, if you click on the answers mindlessly, without thinking about the meaning of the words and sentences, you're really just wasting your time. (Sure, you can earn some easy points this way, but you won't be getting much of an education.)

Be smart. Put some effort into learning these words, and you'll be rewarded with something far more valuable than points—a useful knowledge of 192 college-level words.