Vocab (Group 7)

1 surreptitiously done by secretive means Matt drank the cough syrup surreptitiously because he didn’t want anyone to know that he was sick.
2 wary on guard My father becomes wary whenever a salesman calls him on the phone; he knows that many crooks use the phone so that they can’t be charged with mail fraud.
3 wily cunning In the children's cartoon "Roadrunner," Wily Coyote is a very wily character; he devises all sorts of clever traps to catch the Roadrunner.
4 ambiguous open to more than one interpretation His eyes were an ambiguous color: Some thought they were brown, and some thought they were green.
5 ambivalent simultaneously having opposing feelings; uncertain She had ambivalent feelings about her dance class: On one hand, she enjoyed the exercise, but on the other hand, she thought the choice of dances could be more interesting.
6 apathetic feeling or showing little emotion When the defendant was found guilty on all charges, her face remained expressionless and she appeared to be entirely apathetic.
7 arbitrary determined by impulse rather than reason The principal made the arbitrary decision that students could not wear hats in school without offering any logical reason for the rule.
8 capricious impulsive and unpredictable The referee’s capricious behavior angered the players because he was inconsistent with his calls; he would call foul for minor contact, but ignore elbowing and kicking.

Instructions for the Quiz

Answer the questions.