Vocab (Group 6)

1 slander false charges and malicious oral statements about someone After the radio host stated that Monica was a space alien, she sued him for slander.
2 spurious not genuine The sportscaster made a spurious claim when he said that the San Antonio Spurs were undefeated.
3 astute shrewd, clever Kevin is financially astute; he never falls for the tricks that credit card companies play.
4 clandestine secretive The spies planned a clandestine maneuver that depended on its secrecy to work.
5 coup a brilliantly executed plan It was quite a coup when I talked the salesperson into selling me this valuable cuckoo clock for five dollars.
6 disingenuous not straightforward; crafty Mr. Gelman was rather disingenuous; although he seemed to be simply asking about your health, he was really trying to figure out why you’d been absent.
7 ruse a crafty trick The offer of a free cruise was merely a ruse to get people to listen to their sales pitch.
8 stratagem a clever trick used to deceive or outwit Planting microphones in the gangster’s home was a clever, but illegal, stratagem.

Instructions for the Quiz

Answer the questions.