Vocab (Group 2)

1 insipid uninteresting; unchallenging That insipid movie was so boring and predictable.
2 listless lacking energy Since he is accustomed to an active lifestyle, Mark feels listless when he has nothing to do.
3 torpor laziness; inactivity; dullness The hot and humid day filled everyone with an activity-halting torpor.
4 alienated removed or disassociated from (friends, family, or homeland) Rudolf felt alienated from the other reindeer because they never let him join in their reindeer games.
5 alliance a union of two or more groups The two countries formed an alliance to stand against their common enemy.
6 disparity inequality in age, rank, or degree; difference There is a great disparity between rich and poor in many nations.
7 servile submissive; like a servant Cameron’s servile behavior finally ended when he decided to stand up to his older brother.
8 suppressed subdued; kept from being circulated The author’s book was suppressed because the dictator thought it was too critical of the regime.

Instructions for the Quiz

Answer the questions.