Understanding Your Grade


Timesheets (FAQ)

How often do I need to submit a timesheet?

Once a week, every week (with very few exceptions).

What is the deadline for submitting my timesheet?

Friday at midnight.

What happens if I forget to submit a timesheet?

When I update my grades, it will appear to me that you didn't do any reading, writing, or typing that week. Therefore, your grade will go down.

But don't worry too much, it's just a temporary problem. The following week, after you submit your timesheet, your grade on Synergy will pop back up (assuming that you have actually done the work). In any case, the next time you submit a timesheet, your grade will once again be up to date.

Isn't it possible to cheat?

You are self-reporting your work, so it's possible to lie.

But it's not a lie that you can get away with for very long. I do verify your Typing Club stars by visiting the Typing Club website. And if you have made a mistake (or tried to cheat), I'll catch the mistake and I'll fix it.

Likewise, I frequently verify the word count of your writing portfolio.

As for the pages you claim to have read, I'll mostly take your word for it—unless you give me cause to be suspicious. For example, the following things might make me suspicious of a high page count:

In any case, sooner or later, I will have a private conference with you, and I'm going to ask you questions about the books that you claim to have read. And if you have trouble answering basic questions about the characters and plots, I'm going to call your bluff.

I'll say something like this:

"You have not convinced that you have read these pages carefully enough to fully understand them, and so I'd like you to re-read them. And this time, I want you to write a short summary of what happens on each page. When I am satisfied with your summaries, I will give you full points for these pages. Until then, I'm only going to give you partial credit (or no credit) for these pages."

The bottom line is this: Unless you like writing summaries of everything you read, be honest about your independent reading.

For writing, you've said that I get one point for every 10 words that I write. But isn't quality important too?

Of course! In most cases, the quality of your writing is even more important than the quantity.

Therefore, when I say, "You get one point for every 10 words that you write"— think of that as a starting point. That's just a rule of thumb, a general principle that helps me to evaluate how much effort you've put into your writing assignments.

If, upon reading your portfolio, I notice that you have been exceptionally creative, or your writing style is exceptionally clean, then I will give you bonus points to reward you for the quality of your work.

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