Understanding Your Grade


Point System

I encourage you to think of my class as a game where the object is to earn a certain number of points each week.

Generally speaking, you earn points every time you do any of these activities:

Independent Reading 1 point per page
Typing Club 1 point per star
Writing 1 point for every 10 words
Quizzes 1 point for every correct answer
Class Activities Points vary.

Earning points is nothing new; you do it in all of your classes. What's different about my class, perhaps, is the degree to which points are fungible.

"Fungible" is a fancy word that refers to things which can be easily traded, because they have a roughly equal value.

For example, if you're baking a cake, white sugar and brown sugar are fungible ingredients: You can easily substitute one for another.

In my class, points are also "fungible". In other words, it often doesn't matter how you earned a particular point—whether you earned it by reading, or writing, or by answering a question on a multiple-choice quiz. What matters is the total points you have earned.

Your Grade

Your grade in my class—as in most of your classes—is basically a fraction:

Number of Points That You Have Earned
Total Possible Points

The numerator (top number) is the total number of points that you have earned (from all activities, combined).

The denominator (bottom number) is the total number of points that I have assigned. This is your "target number".

Both these numbers increase, week by week.

To "win" the game, you need to keep the top number equal to (or higher than) the bottom number. That's how you get an A+.


When you login to Synergy and you check your grade for English, you'll see just one assignment. This is you overall grade. It consists of a fraction, as described above.

Synergy also converts this fraction into a letter grade, in accordance with SFUSD's grading policy.

Greater than 90% A
80–89% B
70–79% C
60–69% D
Less than 60% F

Key Point:

When you check your grade on Synergy, you see your overall grade. To see your grades for individual assignments, you'll have to check Quia (and that's the subject of the next few lessons).

Math Lesson

When I enter grades into Synergy, I enter a fraction:

Number of Points That You Have Earned
Number of Points That I Have Assigned

Synergy then converts this fraction into a percentage.

It's a simple calculation, and one that you should be able to do for yourself.

To convert a fraction into a percentage, divide the top number by the bottom number, then multiply by 100. (And don't forget: To multiply by 100, you can simply slide the decimal point two places to the right.)


  • 50/60 = 50 ÷ 60 = .83, and .83 x 100 = 83%
  • Therefore, 50/60 = 83%

Lesson Steps

  1. Check your grade on Synergy. Notice how your overall grade is a fraction.
  2. When you are finished, return to this page and take the quiz.

Instructions for the Quiz

Answer the questions.