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Variation of the Introduction Formula

In a typical 5-paragraph essay, your body paragraphs contain your three main arguments. Why not mention these arguments in your introduction? Study this example:

Many people believe that Paris is a wonderful city. The truth, however, is that Paris is overrated. The people are smelly. The subways are crowded. And the food is expensive. Paris is a horrible vacation destination.

Did you notice where I placed my three arguments?

Here is another example. This is actually the first paragraph of one of the sample global issues paper I wrote for this handbook. The full essay can be found in the section called “Major Assignments.”

Some people think that Israel is a country that respects and protects human rights. However, the truth is that Israel discriminates against Palestinian Arabs. In Israel there are towns reserved exclusively for Jews. There are also many miles of “Jewish-only” roads. And millions of Palestinians are daily denied equal rights. The United Nations should condemn Israel for these human rights violations. 

You might also try the following “advanced” sentence pattern. (Note the use of the semi-colon and the coordinating conjunction).

The people are smelly; the subways are crowded, and the food is expensive.


Instructions for the Quiz

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