Research Papers


An Excellent Thesis

A good research paper starts with a good thesis.

An excellent thesis is something that nobody else has ever thought of before (assuming, of course, that you can prove that your thesis is true).

Here are some examples of excellent theses:

In the field of History:

In the field of Literature:

In the field of Nuclear Engineering:

In the field of Natural Science:

You get the idea. If I could actually prove these things, the World of Academia would stand up and take notice. Scholars would say, "By Jove, he's right! This fellow has made a great contribution to our understanding of the world!"

But let's be realistic. You're in middle school, and the chances that you are going to come up with an original thesis are pretty slim. But that's okay; your own analysis of a topic can be still valuable in its own way. Consider the following thesis:

That's not exactly an original idea. But if you—in your own way—can convince your readers that this statement is actually true, you may, indirectly, save lives.

In the next lesson, we'll discuss this type of thesis—a thesis that is not necessarily original, but it's "good enough."

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