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Top-Left Corner

The Modern Language Association (MLA) sets specific guidelines on just about everything, including how to write your name at the top of your paper.

On the one hand, these "rules" of MLA may seem silly; after all, does it really matter whether your name is written in the top-left corner or the top-right corner?

Maybe not.

On the other hand, with millions of academic papers being written every year, it does make sense that there should be one "standard" way of doing things. Otherwise, you would never know if you were doing it the "right" way, according to the nitpicky demands of each of your individual professors.

In this lesson, you will add some basic information in the top-left corner of your paper, according to the strict guidlines set by MLA. Follow the instructions exactly, and you'll save yourself the work of having to re-do it later.

Lesson Steps


In the top-left corner of your paper (but below the header), write:

  • Your Name
  • Professor's Name
  • Name of Class
  • Today's Date
      • Note the format: day month year, without commas.
  • Word Count
        • Go to Tools, then Word Count.
        • Your word count should include all the words in your document (including your name, title, works cited, etc.).

      Your paper should now look like this:

      Flinstone 1

      Fred Flinstone
      Professor Tefel Hall
      English Language Arts
      14 April 2016
      754 Words




Did you write the date like this?

  • 1/18/16

Fix it! Follow the example exactly.


Did you capitalize the word "Words"?


Check your work. Does the top-left corner of your paper look like this?


Congratulations! You're done with this lesson.


Instructions for the Quiz

Answer the questions.