Prepare a Paper Copy











































You're finished with your country report.

Aren't you?

Yes, as long as your paper is in your portfolio, I'm happy.

But one day you may need a "hard copy" of an MLA paper. And for that, there are several more steps.

Take a look at this "paper copy" of a country report. In particular, notice the following features:

All of these formatting choices are suggested by the Modern Language Association. And all of them are important—especially when turning in a paper copy of your paper.

For example, a header with your last name and page number might be very useful if your pages were to become unstapled or mixed up. And double-spacing is important, if your professor likes to write hand-written notes on your paper.

However, none of these things are important to me, because I'm never going to ask you for a paper copy. Instead, I have asked you to put your country report into your Writing Portfolio, and I want you to leave it formatted in "internet style."

So, yes, you're done.

But who knows? One day you may decide that you need a pefectly formatted "paper copy" of an MLA paper. And for that reason, I've included the following lessons. They walk you through the process of:

You can do these lessons now, or not. It's up to you.

This entire unit is optional.

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