Pharaoh's Daughter


Part 2: Epilogue


the act or process of thinking, wondering, or guessing about something.

  • Though I heard speculation about how the mules got out, no one suspected the truth.

fear about what may happen.

  • "That's all right," I say unable to hide the apprehension in my voice.

bothersome and unwelcome.

  • "Sometimes, when a man looks at me with desire, it is flattering. Sometimes it is intrusive. Sometimes it is elevating."

bold disobedience and lack of respect for authority.

  • "It would seem like I was rewarding them for their defiance of the divine order."

to obtain from a particular source (usually followed by "from").

  • Asetnefret and Intef derive too much pleasure from what I am doing to the Habiru.

a state, condition, or place of complete confusion or disorder.

  • The god has survived another journey through the chaos of the night.
  1. Why is Almah so upset after Mosis leaves? Why couldn't she go with him?
  2. Why does Ramesses come to the roof to see Almah?
  3. Why does the pharaoh say he works the Habiru people so hard?
  4. What news does the pharaoh tell Almah of Mosis? What does he ask her? Why?
  5. What did the pharaoh reveal to Almah about his feelings towards Kakemour?
  6. Why will Almah always be safe from the pharaoh's soon-to-be wife?
  7. What do you think of the pharaoh as a person? Why?


Should Mosis have killed Kakemour, in your opinion? Why or why not?

Instructions for the Quiz

Answer the questions.