Pharaoh's Daughter


Part 2: Chapters 5–6


socially unacceptable; not proper.

  • Soldiers line the Avenue of the Pharaoh on both sides, hands gripping their upraised spears as their eyes search the crowd for any untoward movement.

feeling or displaying bitterness, displeasure, or indignation resulting from perceived injury or wrong.

  • But the Habiru do not seem to notice. They don't even look angry or resentful about what is happening to them.

to urge to action by stirring up emotions.

  • "I know you wouldn't incite the Habiru against the pharaoh, but Asetnefret doesn't like to take chances."

special respect, honor, or esteem, publicly displayed or expressed.

  • All of them pay homage to Pharaoh.

a large crowd of people.

  • All day I let the throngs of people push me in this direction and that, as if I am walking in my sleep.

the wish to harm others; ill will.

  • I've been looking for," Kakemour says. His lips are smiling, but his eyes are thin with malice.
  1. Why does Mosis decide to walk down to the site of the temple? Why is he glad to see Kakemour at first?
  2. Why does Kakemour harbor such animosity towards the Habiru?
  3. What does Kakemour ask Mosis to do to his brother, Aharon? Why?
  4. What does Mosis do to Kakemour? Why is Aharon so upset with Mosis?
  5. Why is Kakemour keeping what Mosis did to him a secret for now? What does Mosis do to him? Why?
  6. Where do Mosis and Batya decide to go? Why? How are they received?
  7. How did the family react when Almah arrived and told them what Mosis had done? Why?
  8. Why does Mosis need to leave at once?


Should Mosis have killed Kakemour, in your opinion? Why or why not?

Instructions for the Quiz

Answer the questions.