Pharaoh's Daughter


Part 2: Chapters 1–2


a female priest, esp. in certain ancient cultures.

  • Almah understands me better than anybody but she is a priestess.

bewitched, enchanted, hypnotized

  • I was enthralled by her beauty, her joy, her lack of self-consciousness, and no longer cared who she was.

one that watches or observes.

  • I was a mere spectator now, watching a beautiful woman spinning in time to the music, which became faster—but no matter how fast the musicians played, she spun faster and leaped higher.

warm and friendly; courteous.

  • After a pause, she continued in a voice that tried to sound cordial but was as empty of warmth as night in the desert.

in a manner that is sad, dismal, or full of gloom.

  • Mother looked somberly at Almah.

on guard against threat or danger.

  • I think Grandfather wanted Mother and Almah to be friends again, but they sat across from each other more wary than two strange cats being asked to drink mil from the same bowl.
  1. Why does Mosis say he will always be pretending to be something he is not and never know who he really is?
  2. Why can't Almah and Ima talk to each other, according to Mosis?
  3. Why was Mosis envious of Almah at times?
  4. What was unusual about the new names given to the princess and to Almah? What are the names? (p. 96)
  5. What secret room did the pharaoh show to Batya and Mosis after dinner? Why do you think Batya felt jealous of Almah?
  6. Why does Abba come to visit Mosis in Chapter 2?
  7. Why does Abba say that Almah is his favorite child?
  8. Why doesn't Ima recognize Almah as her child anymore? How has this affected their entire family?


What do you think will happen to Almah and Batya's relationship now? Why?

Instructions for the Quiz

Answer the questions.