Pharaoh's Daughter


Part 1: Chapter 3–5


not showing respect; bold and rude.

  • "This is outrageous!" someone exclaims. "Because of this impudent brat, we're all going to be killed!"

a mound of earth or stone made to support a road or protect an area from water.

  • When I reach the river, I settle myself at the lip of the embankment, where I can see the soldiers long before they see me.

any of various plants that grow in marshes or swamps, such as cattail, rushes, and papyrus.

  • If I do see any, I'll put Yekutiel in the basket and hide it among the bulrushes.

using harsh or bitter words that are meant to hurt, tease, or make fun of another person.

  • Kakemour turns red and bows. "Forgive me, princess, favorite daughter of the Lord of Two Lands, son of Amon-Re." His voice is sarcastic, then it softens as he says, "I thought you were Meryetamun, my oldest friend, my dearest friend, and the woman I want to marry."

help or advice given by an authority or wise person.

  • What would your father counsel you to do?

to allow or accept; not oppose or attack.

  • This morning I could not tolerate it anymore, couldn't tolerate not knowing what had happened to him.
  1. Why do you think Ima is so upset with Almah? Should she be, in your opinion? Why or why not?
  2. What advice does Abba give Almah regarding the princess and the possibility of her return?
  3. What does Almah have to do with her baby brother in Chapter 4? Why?
  4. What does the princess want with Almah's baby brother? Why?
  5. Why is Kakemour so upset with the princess when he finds her at Almah's house? How are Kakemour and the princess linked to one another?
  6. What offer does the princess make to Almah's family? Why do they agree?
  7. How does the Queen react to the princess' arrival with the baby? What does she want the princess to do?
  8. What is the baby's name, according to the princess?


What do you think will happen to Almah and her baby brother?


Instructions for the Quiz

Answer the questions.