Revise Your Paragraphs

It's time to apply what you've learned about paragraphs. This lesson is worth 100 points!

Lesson Steps

  1. Open your Writing Portfolio.
  2. Make sure that your blog posts are broken up into easily digestible chunks. Follow the rules that you learned in this unit on paragraphs!
  3. Make sure that your paragraphs are formatted in internet style.

Self Check

  • Is each of your blog posts broken up into easily digestible chunks? No blog post should be less than two paragraphs!
  • No paragraphs should be less than three sentences!
  • Are your paragraphs formatted in internet style?
  • Did you start a new paragraph each time you:
    • Introduce a new idea?
    • Introduce a new speaker?
    • Introduce a new place?
    • Introduce a new time?