Paragraph Breaks

When you cut up a steak, you use a knife. When cutting up a block of text, you use a paragraph break. A paragraph breaks signals to your reader that you're starting a new paragraph.

There are two ways to insert a paragraph break:

    1. Indent the first line of the new paragraph by half an inch (.5 inch). Use the Tab key, not the space bar.


  1. Insert a blank line between paragraphs. On Quia or Google Docs, you do this by hitting "Enter" twice.

Do not use both methods at the same time!

Paragraph Styles

There are two different ways to style paragraphs:

Traditional Style

           This is an example of "Traditional Style". It’s probably the style that you’re used to. Notice that I have indendented the first line of each paragraph by a full .5 inch, but I do not skip a line between paragraphs.
            Once again: When I start a new paragraph, I indent the first line. However, I never skip a line between paragraphs. This style is still very common in books and other printed materials.

Internet Style

On the internet, most people do not indent the first line of their paragraphs. Instead, they start the paragraph all the way at the left margin. You will notice, for example, that in this paragraph, I have not indented the first line.

However, I do skip a line between paragraphs. See how I’ve done that? I skipped a line when I wanted to start a new paragraph, but I did not indent the first line of my new paragraph.


Which style should I use for this class?

For my class, always use internet style.

To skip a line between paragraphs, hit the Enter key twice.


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