Narrative Writing


The Six Story Elements

You have a story idea.

Now you need to make sure that you have a story—and that means that you need the six essential elements of every good story.

    1. Character
    2. Situation
    3. Objective
    4. Opponent
    5. Disaster
    6. Story Question

Pinning down these elements and summing them up in a cover blurb is the purpose of the next seven lessons.

Heads Up!

In your portfolio, under Level 16, you'll find a table for the six story elements.

The Six Story Elements
Complete the six story elements
1 Character  
2 Situation  
3 Objective  
4 Opponent  
5 Disaster  
6 Story Question  

You are going to complete this table, row by row, over the next six lessons. When you are finished, your table will look something like this:

The Six Story Elements
Complete the six story elements
1 Character Bernard Stanley is a shy baker.
2 Situation His wife died five years ago, and now he is unbearably lonely.
3 Objective He wants to ask one of his regular customers out on a date. Her name is Felicia.
4 Opponent Felicia's father wants her to marry someone rich; he will never agree to a marriage between his daughter and a lowly baker.
5 Disaster Felicia's father is planning to marry her off to a rich banker.
6 Story Question Can Bernard win Felicia's heart and overcome the objections of her father before it's too late?

Instructions for the Quiz

Answer the questions.