Narrative Writing


Scene Ideas

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14 Story Ideas

The Haunted House

Amanda and Cindy are trying to prove that they aren't cowards, so when the school bully, Sally Jones, dares them to spend one night in the abandoned mansion outside of town, they both agree. After all, nobody really believes all those stories about the mansion being haunted, do they?

As the fading light from the setting sun shimmers through the dusty curtains, they light their candles and arrange their sleeping bags. And that's when things start to get weird.

Go Home

When Sydney Chambers, a geeky teenager, decides to try out for the soccer team, she thinks it will be a great way to make new friends. There's only one problem: The team's grumpy coach, Diana Reynolds, thinks that this year the team has a real chance of getting to the state championships, and she doesn't want an awkward player like Sydney holding them back.

Can Sydney convince Coach Reynolds to put her on the team?

First Crush

Mary Holloway, a timid 10th grader, has a huge crush on Dexter Price, the most dreamy-looking boy at Valley High. There's only one problem: Dexter doesn't know that she exists.

When Mary sees Dexter eating lunch alone in the school cafeteria, she decides to take a chance and put her tray down next to his. Can Mary succeed in getting Dexter to notice her?


Lauren Marsh, a lonely 14-year old, wants to go to the school dance more than anything else in the world. There's only one problem: Her step-mother refuses to give her permission.

When Lauren decides to sneak out of the house and go to the dance anyway, she knows that she is taking a big risk. Will Lauren find happiness at the school dance, or will she only succeed in getting into trouble?

Trouble in Space

Stephen Stewart is the youngest astronaut on board the spaceship Pioneer, and it's his job to keep the engine running smoothly. So when the engine malfunctions on a trip to Mars, the ship's captain, Samantha Powers, asks him to investigate.

It doesn't take long for Stephen to identify the problem: Someone has deliberately destroyed the Gallium generator.

Can Stephen fix the generator? Can he identify the person who is trying to sabotage this mission?

The Bully

Diane Hayes is a quiet student who always does her homework. She stays up late to get it done, because she knows that getting a scholarship is her only chance of getting into college.

There's only one problem: Otis Watts, the school bully, wants to copy her homework every morning before school. This puts Diane in a bind: If she let's him copy her homework, she may get an F for cheating. On the other hand, if she refuses, Otis has promised to "rearrange her face."

Can Diane stand up to Otis without getting her face smashed?

The Case of the Slippery Roof

When a middle school student falls to her death after slipping on the roof of the school, police investigators rule the death an accident.

But inquisitive teenager Angie Jenson isn't quite so sure. She suspects that the death may have been a suicide—or perhaps even a murder.

Can Angie gather enough evidence to convince the police to reopen the investigation?

My Rich Girlfriend

Wesley comes from a poor family, but his girlfriend, Sandy, is rich. When she invites him to her house to meet her parents, he thinks things are going swell.

But then her father asks Wesley to step outside for a private conversation . . .

The Magician's Apprentice

Amy is a teenager who is studying magic under the famous wizard, Zolar. When Zolar gets sick, it falls on Amy to fulfill his last request: Before he dies, he wants to hold the Enchanted Pearl that was stolen from him long ago by a rival sorcerer called Randolf.

Can Amy steal the pearl back from Randolf? Is her magic strong enough to protect her from Randolf's power? Can she get the pearl back to Zolar before he dies?

The Tiger

Randal is a game warden on an African wildlife preserve. It's his job to find and arrest the poachers who have been killing wild tigers for their skins.

One day, Randal finds the skinless carcass of yet another tiger. He also finds a frightened cub hiding nearby.

Can Randal save the cub and arrest the poachers who killed its mother?


One night, teenager Ken Spencer is taking a shortcut through the woods when he is attacked and bitten by a large, wolf-like dog. Luckily, the dog's teeth barely punctured his skin, so he doesn't think too much about it.

But the next morning he feels ravenously hungry, and over the next few weeks, Ken's family and friends start to notice that he is changing in subtle ways.

In the past, he always liked his steaks well-done, but now he likes them rare, almost bloody. And he looks like he needs to start shaving. His sense of smell is uncanny. In P.E. class, Ken astounds his classmates with a freakish display of strength.

Then, as the night of the full moon approaches, Ken starts to feel an irrepressible urge to hunt, and to kill.

Parent Expectations

Bert Wagnar, a fashion-conscious middle schooler, dreams of becoming a fashion designer. But his father wants him to become a lawyer.

Now Bert faces a choice: Should he please his father, or will he pursue his own dreams?

An Old-Fashioned Christmas

Angela is a photographer with a successful career in New York City. When she returns home to spend the Christmas holidays with her family, she worries that she won't find much to do in the small town where she grew up.

Angela can't wait to get back to the city—until she runs into her old boyfriend, Sam.

Will Angela and Sam be able to capture that old-fashioned Christmas spirit? And what will happen when the holidays are over?

I Fell in Love with a Vampire

Anita Daniel thinks that she has found the perfect boyfriend, a tall boy called Dustin. He is kind and strong and gentle, and he has only one flaw—he hates the sun.

When Anita begins to suspect that Dustin might be a vampire, she is forced to make a difficult decision.