Narrative Writing


Rubric / Checklist

Study the following requirements:


  Questions that I ask myself as I'm grading your scene: Number of points I deduct if the answer is "no":
1 Is your scene at least 500 words?

-⅕ point for each word you are short

2 Did you include at least six lines of dialogue? (Did each person speak at least three times?) -10
3 Does your dialogue express a conflict between two people? -10
4 Did one of your characters make a grand entrance that reveals their personality? -10
5 Is your narrative tense consistent throughout? -10
6 Did you format your title correctly? -5
7 Did you include some figurative language (such as a simile or metaphor)? -5
8 Did you follow the 14 Rules of Good Writing? -5 for each mistake
9 Did you format your dialogue correctly? -5 for each mistake
10 Did you run a spellcheck? -5 for each spelling mistake