Narrative Writing


Ready, Set, Go!

You have reached the end of this unit, and now it's time to actually write your story. At least you have a good start. You already have:

    1. a cover blurb.
    2. an outline.
    3. a dialogue between two of your characters.

In addition, you have, I hope, given some thought to your story's

Before you actually start to write, review these basic requirements.

Basic Requirements (Short Story)
  • Minimum word count: 500 words. (That's about two pages).
  • Maximum word count: No limit. (Anything you write over 500 words will count as extra credit).
  • Your story must have a title.
  • Your story must have at least one scene that is predominantly dialogue.
  • Bonus points will be awarded for well-written stories. (Everything counts: creativity, craft, spelling, punctuation, formatting, etc.)


I recommend writing your story on a separate Google Doc, then pasting it into your writing portfolio when you are finished.

Lesson Steps

  1. Open up a new Google Doc.
  2. Write your short story.
  3. When you are finished, paste it into your writing portfolio. Since your story isn't due right away, it's not going to go under Level 16, but rather in the next level, Level 17.
    • Level 17
      • My Short Story

Instructions for the Quiz

Answer the questions.