Narrative Writing


Get Started!

Some writers plan their stories in great detail, before they begin to write. Others take the opposite approach; they start to write without any clear idea of where their story might end up. For most of us, the writing process combines these two strategies.

Many of the lessons in this unit are related to the planning of your story. But don't wait until the planning is done before you begin to write. Start your story right away. Then, as you complete each lesson, ask yourself: What did I learn in this lesson that I can use to make my story even better?

Lesson Steps

  1. Open up your Writing Portfolio
  2. At the top of your portfolio (but just below where it says "Writing Portfolio"), write the title of your story. It's okay if it's just a working title (a temporary title). You can always change it later.
  3. Make sure to capitalize your title correctly, according to the Rules for Capitalizing Titles.
  4. Start writing! If you set a goal of writing at least 250 words per week, you'll have at least 1000 words by the time your first draft is due. That's only one page per week. You can do it!