Narrative Tense and POV


3rd Person Variations

You have learned that 3rd person POV is when the story is about other people (he, she, they).

Within that broad category are several variations, or "modes". To be precise, there are three types of 3rd person point of view: objective, limited, and omniscient.

1st Person


2nd Person


3rd Person




The next few lessons will help you make sense of them.

But first, study the following vocabulary words:


based on facts and observable evidence.

  • The 100-meter dash is scored very objectively; the winner is the first person who crosses the finish line, no matter how pretty or ugly they look.


based on feelings and opinions.

  • I don't think that Ice Dancing should be an Olympic sport, because scoring is too subjective; some couples win just because the judges like the way they look.



  • God is omniscient; He or She knows everything.


Instructions for the Quiz

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