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You See a Ghost

In this lesson, you will practice writing a scene from a 2nd person point of view.

Instructions for the Quiz

Write at scene about "you" and the time "you" saw a ghost.

Use 2nd person POV.

Study the example below. (Notice the use of the 2nd person pronoun, "you").

Note: Usually I discourage students from using present tense for their narratives, because I think it's important to master past tense first, before experimenting with less popular points of view.

However, present tense works well with 2nd person narratives. They complement each other like bread and butter. So, if you want to use present tense, go ahead.


ChristmasCarol6 | O F | Flickr

You are sitting at home, late one night, when you hear a spooky sound. To your surprise, a ghost walks in. The ghost sits down in a chair.

"Who are you?" you ask, your voice trembling with terror.

"Don't you recognize me?" the ghost answers. "I am the man you murdered."

You shrink back into your chair, hardly able to breathe. "No! That's impossible!"