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I am a Vampire

In this lesson, you will practice writing a scene from a 1st person point of view.

Instructions for the Quiz

Write a scene about a woman (or a man) who is attacked by a vampire. Use 1st person POV.

You can write it from either:

Study the example below. (Notice the use of the 1st person pronoun, "I").


I waited for her in the dimly-lit alleyway behind her house. I knew she'd be coming home this way. It must have been close to midnight when I finally heard her footsteps.

As she paused at her back door, fumbling in her purse for her keys, I grabbed her from behind, and I sank my fangs into her soft neck. Her blood tasted delicious.

She was too startled to scream. Her body stiffened, then slowly she went limp in my arms. I picked her up and carried her inside.