MLA Tutorial


Plagiarism Pledge

To complete this tutorial, read and sign the following "Plagiarism Pledge."

I understand the meanings of “plagiarism” and “academic dishonesty.” I understand that these mistakes are considered very serious breaches of integrity (honesty) in the academic world. I understand how to avoid these “unforgivable” mistakes in my work. And even if I don’t—well, that’s on me—because I understand that ignorance of what constitutes plagiarism or academic dishonesty will not be accepted as excuses for having these mistakes in my work.

Furthermore, I understand that any instances of plagiarism or academic dishonesty found in my work may result in an "F" for my paper, and that the teacher may or may not allow me to rewrite and resubmit my work, at his sole discretion.

Check Your Understanding:

  1. Are you willing to promise never to allow plagiarism or academic dishonesty to creep into your own work?

Instructions for the Quiz

Answer the questions.