Understanding Your Grade

Your grade is divided into four categories:

Category Weight
Activities 25%
Typing 25%
Writing 25%
Quizzes 25%


This category includes silent reading, pairwork, group work, class discussions, debates, and more. To earn full credit for these activities, remember to


Each week, I assign (for homework) about 20 lessons on Typing Club. That's equal to 100 Typing Club stars. Always type with the proper fingers!


All your writing assignments go in your Writing Portfolio. To earn full credit for your Writing Portfolio:


I rarely give tests; however I do assign many short quizzes on Quia.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you accept late work?

Yes, I accept late work until the last week of the grading period.

How can I raise my grade?

Pro Tip:

Always circle each lesson in your folder as soon as you complete it. That way, your folder can also serve as a list of your missing assignments. (Anything that isn't circled is something you still need to do!)