Proofread Your Work

Use the following checklist to proofread what you wrote in the previous lesson (My Family Background).


Proofreading Checklist


Did you capitalize the first letter of each sentence?


Did you end each sentence with a period?


Did you capitalize all proper nouns?

    • Make sure you capitalize names of people as well as the names of countries languages!
      • Germany
      • French
      • China
      • etc.
    • You do not need to capitalize the words "mom" or "dad".


Did you write at least two paragraphs?


Did you format your paragraphs in internet style? (Did you put a blank line between your paragraphs?)


Did you write at least 100 words?


And finally . . .

Use Google's spelling and grammar tools to find and correct any remaining mistakes.

If you've never used these tools before, you may want to watch this video:

Instructions for the Quiz

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