Writing Skills

The purpose of this lesson is to focus your attention on four important units.

1. Typing Club

You already know how it works: You login with Google, click on "Typing Jungle", and work your way though the lessons, one by one. Force yourself to use the proper fingers, and never look down at the keyboard! Do these things faithfully, and soon enough you'll be typing like a pro.

If you don't already know how to touch type, you should start with this unit. Why? Think about it. If you cannot touch type right now, then every time you tackle a writing assignment for this class (or any class), you'll be faced with a ghastly choice: Should you do it the "fast way" (by allowing yourself to look down at the keyboard and hitting the keys with any finger)? Or should you do it the "proper way", even though it's going to take much longer?

And every time you cheat by choosing "fast" over "proper", guess what—you're simply reinforcing a bad habit, and now that habit will be even harder to break.

Wouldn't it be smarter to break your bad habits right away?

2. Basic Writing Skills

This unit covers the most common mistakes that I see at the 7th grade level. It's basically a list of mistakes that will really hurt your grade.

Make sure you eliminate these mistakes from your writing. There's just no excuse for a sentence like this:

By the way, how many mistakes can you find in that sentence above? If you counted less than six, this unit is meant for you.

3. Intermediate Writing Skills

This unit covers many mistakes that intermediate writers make. Consider this easy example:

Correctly written, that sentence should have a comma after Sally, like this:

Not every 7th grader knows that at the start of their 7th grade year, but I certainly expect all of you to know it by the end of your 7th grade year.

If you're still making these sorts of mistakes, you need to spend time on this unit.

4. Advanced Writing Skills

This unit is for "advanced" writers. It focuses on the skills you'll need in high school and college.

What's Your Level?

The four units described above are aimed at three different levels of writers. (Both Typing Club and Basic Writing Skills are aimed at the first level).

  1. Basic: Students who continue to make many careless errors (probably because they have not yet learned how to touch type).
  2. Intermediate: Students who are pretty much writing at "grade level."
  3. Advanced: Students who are writing "above grade level".

Part of my job, as your teacher, is to help you identify where you're at, as well as to help you advance to the next level.

Instructions for the Quiz

Answer the questions.