Free Response Quizzes

In this lesson, you're going to do a written assignment. Since you're submitting this assignment through Quia, we call it a "quiz", even though, in my mind, it's more of an "assignment" than a "quiz".

In any case, you're going to write something, and you're going to submit it through Quia, so technically, it's a "free response quiz".

Introduce Yourself

Here is an old picture of me and my ex-wife.

I'll go first:

Okay, now it's your turn.

Click on the Quiz button at the bottom of the page, and tell me a bit about yourself.

Note: You can either write in paragraphs, or you can do bullet points (as I did above). If you choose to do bullet points, you'll soon discover that—unfortunately—Quia text boxes don't let you do bullet points.

No problem. Just skip a line between your sentences, like this:

I was born in San Francisco.

I have two older brothers.

I like to draw anime.


How much should I write?

For this particular assignment, aim for 5–10 sentences. This assignment is worth 10 points.