Feedback for Teacher-Graded Quizzes

I try—as much as possible—to give you feedback on your written work.

Comments on Quia

On your Quia homepage, you can see my comments by clicking on the "View results" icon to the left of any quiz.

If I left you a comment on Quia, here is were you would find it. (The icon changes appearance when I have left you a comment).

Things I May Say (and What They Mean)

Here is a "dictionary" of some of the phrases I use:

"I gave you full points."

This means that I gave you 1 point for every 10 words that you wrote. It's the same as saying you got "full credit".

"I gave you extra credit."

This means that I gave you more than 1 point for every 10 words that you wrote. Something you did must have impressed me. Perhaps it was the artful use of a semicolon; perhaps it was your extraordinary creativity.

"I graded you down because . . . "

This means that I gave you less than 1 point for every 10 words that you wrote. In one way or another, your writing did not meet my expectations for the assignment.

"I gave you half points because . . ."

"Half points" is basically a failing score: It would mean that for a 100-word response, I only gave you 5 points (instead of 10). Usually, it's because you didn't follow the instructions, or you made far too many sloppy mistakes.

"You need to work on your Basic Writing Skills."

That's not an insult; it's just my professional opinion of the kinds of lessons that will help you the most, at this point in time. I should think it's fairly obvious: If you have not yet made a habit of putting a period at the end of every sentence, you should probably fix that habit first, before you start worrying about the advanced sentence patterns taught at the advanced level.

"Work on your Intermediate Writing Skills."

This means that you're making the sorts of mistakes that are covered in the unit called Intermediate Writing Skills. If you've already finished all those lesson, we may need to think of some special assignments to help you fix these mistakes.

"I want you to work on Advanced Writing Skills."

This means that your writing is quite good, but there's still room for improvement. At this level, a personal conference or email discussion will probably help you more than a simple comment. Let's make plans to communicate directly.

Instructions for the Quiz

Answer the questions.