Feedback for Auto-Graded Quizzes

Most auto-graded quizzes give you immediate feedback. As soon as you submit an answer, the program will tell you if you got it right or wrong. It will even tell you the correct answer. If you choose to retake the quiz, then (most of the time) the program will give you another set of randomly selected questions.

For some auto-graded quizzes—especially reading quizzes—you get less feedback. While you can still see your final score, you won't know which questions you answered incorrectly. That's to ensure that you're actually reading the material, instead of simply memorizing answers.

If you get a poor score on a reading quiz, you're welcome to retake it. Try slowing down; read the material more carefully, and look up any words that you don't know. You will almost certainly get a better score the second or third time around.

When reading on your computer, looking up words is easy! Simply highlight the word, right-click it, then choose "Search Google for [word].


Instructions for the Quiz

Read the text and answer the questions. The purpose of this quiz is simply to give you an example of a "reading quiz".