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Independent Reading (FAQ)

How many book are we going to read this year?

According to SFUSD, 6th graders should read at least nine books during their 6th grade year. This is a worthy goal.

Are we going to read every day?

Yes. We usually start each class period with 15–20 minutes of independent reading. You'll also be reading for homework.

In all, I expect you to read about 50 pages per week.

50 Pages! Isn't that a lot?

Not if you choose books that you enjoy.

At a rate of 50 pages per week, you'll finish a book about every month, and you'll finish about nine books by the end of the year.

Can I choose any books that I want?

Yes, with some exceptions. You can read either fiction (imaginary stories) or non-fiction (true stories). However, the following types of books are not acceptable (except with special permission from the teacher):

Do I need to bring my book to class every day?


Do I need to keep a reading log?

Yes. Your reading log looks like this:

Reading Log






















As you can see, there are rows for 10 different books.

However, the truth is that I'm not too concerned with the number of books that you read; I'm far more concerned with the number of pages you read. That's because I'm going to give you 2 points for each page that you read.

How do I fill out the reading log?

In the middle column, write the title of the book.

In the right-hand column, write the page number of the furthest page that you have read in this book. Be sure to write it in pencil, because this number will change each time you pick up the book and read a few more pages. You're going to need a good eraser in order to keep this number up to date!

For grading purposes, the number that I care about most is the total number of pages that you have read since the beginning of the year. That's why there are rows for subtotals. Adding the pages of your current book to the subtotal of all your previous books should make it easy for you to calculate the total number of pages that you have read since the beginning of the year. (If you're not sure how, ask me!)

How do you verify my reading?

I verify your "reading pages" by looking at your reading log and asking you questions about the books you have read. If I suspect that you're not being totally honest with me about the number of pages that you have read, I may ask for more "receipts" (proof) in the form of summaries, parent signatures, etc.

How does reading affect my grade?

You get 2 points for every page that you read. These points get added to the points that you earn from writing, quizzes, typing, and class activities.

Your goal should be to read at least 50 pages per week.

50 pages is equal to 100 points—and that should keep you on track to get an A+.

If you read more than 50 pages per week, those extra pages will count as extra credit (within certain limits).

What's the best way to read 50 pages?

Try to get into the habit of reading 10 pages per day, 5 days per week. If you read at the speed of an audio book, reading 10 pages should take you about 15 minutes.

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