In this lesson, you will learn how to send me an email.

Lesson Steps

  1. Go to the waffle and click on Gmail.
    • First, make sure that you're logged into your school Google account.
    • Some students also have a personal Gmail account, and this can cause confusion. To avoid losing your "stuff", always use your school account for school-related stuff.
  2. In the address line, type my first name—tefel—and you should see my face and address pop up.
  3. In the subject line, type the word "Hello".
  4. In the body of the email, send me the following message (and fill in the blanks).

Dear Mr. Hall,

My name is ______________.

I am in your _____ period class.

Please add me to your contact list.

Thank you,


Self Check

Did you succeed in sending me an email?