Exploring Your Quia Homepage

In this lesson, we will explore your Quia Homepage.

Lesson Steps

Go to your Quia Homepage. There are two ways to get there:

    1. You can go straight to your Quia Homepage by logging into Quia. (A link to Quia can also be found on the splash page).
    2. Alternatively, after taking a quiz, click "Submit" but do not click "Done". Instead, click on "Home".

You are now on your Quia Homepage. This page is where you can see a list of all the quizzes that you have taken.

To see the total number of points that you have earned, look for the fraction labeled "Overall Points".

The numerator of this fraction is the number of points you have earned. (Ignore the denominator, for reasons you'll understand later).

Caution: Your "Overall score" on Quia is not the same as your overall score for the class. To see your overall score for the class, you need to check Synergy, not Quia.

Next, click on the icon to the left of one of the quizzes that you have taken.

That icon allows you to see the quiz that you took.

Next, turn your attention to the link to the class webpage. Click it to see where it take you.

The class webpage is a complete list of all the quizzes that are available to you. However, this page is not going to be very useful to you. That's because these links jump you straight to the quiz (instead of to the lesson). That's doing things backward. The proper way to work through each lesson is this:

  1. Read the Lesson
  2. Read the Instructions
  3. Take the Quiz

If you jump straight to the quiz, without first reading the lesson or the instructions, what good is that going to do? You'll just end up frustrated and confused. That's why the "Class webpage" is not very helpful. You should probably forget that it exists.

Key Point:

Always access the quizzes from my website,

Next, look at the column labeled "Points". This column shows you the number of points that you have earned for each quiz. Again, it's the numerator that's important, not the denominator.

If you got a bad score on any quiz, you can retake it.