Practice with Semicolons: Exposition

"Exposition" is a literary word that basically means "the explanation."

In a previous lesson you learned this sentence pattern:

  • Jill is mean; she always makes fun of everyone.
  • Carlos is nice; he always shares his snacks with his little sister.


In each of these sentences, the second clause "explains" the first clause. In other words, a semicolon is used to add a clause of exposition.

Instructions for Quiz

Make a list of five sentences that follow this pattern. The second clause should explain (give an example of) the first clause. Here are some more examples:

  • The test was hard; it consisted of 100 questions.
  • My cat is friendly; she loves to cuddle with anyone.
  • My wife is smart; she can speak five different languages.
  • The day was exceedingly hot; everyone was sweating profusely.
  • The wind was strong; it almost blew our tent away.