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Capitalizing Titles

The rules regarding titles are quite specific:

Study the following examples:

Wrong Correct

My favorite vacation

My Favorite Vacation

back to school

Back to School

an important lesson.

An Important Lesson

The First Day Of Summer

The First Day of Summer


The Day I Almost Died

Not all your assignments need a title, but many of them do, including:

    1. Blog Posts
    2. Journal Entries
    3. Book Reports
    4. Short Stories
    5. etc.

Now that I have taught you the rules, I expect you to follow them! Failing to capitalize titles properly is a very common mistake at the 7th grade level. But honestly, it's not that hard, as long as you pay attention. (It's only hard if you haven't memorized your prepositions, in which case you should be using a cheat sheet).

In any case, whenever I see a title that isn't capitalized properly, I always grade the student down. (That is, I award less than one point for every 10 words).

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