Grammar 21


Introduction (Adjective Clauses)

Adjective clauses are introduced with words like:

Grammatically, such clauses are adjectives, but they are unusual in that they come after the noun that they describe.

Consider the following sentence.

In this example, the adjective "tall" describes "man". That's the normal way we use adjectives. We place them before the noun they describe.

Now consider this next sentence:

In this sentence, the adjective clause "who stole my bike" also describes the man, but in this case, the clause has been placed after the noun it describes.

So that's our first lesson:


When I studied Japanese, I learned that—in that language—adjective clauses come before the noun they described. For example, in Japanese, instead of saying:

  • the man who stole my bike

we would say:

  • the stole my bike man

I find that rather pleasing, don't you? At least it's consistent!

Instructions for the Quiz

Answer the questions.