Grammar 19


Introduction (Noun Clauses)

You have learned that a complex sentence is a sentence with at least one subordinate clause (a clause that lives on the lower level).

I ate pizza



because I was hungry.

What I didn't tell you is this:

There are actually three different types of subordinate clauses:

    1. adverb clauses
    2. noun clauses
    3. adjective clauses (also known as relative clauses)

The example sentence at the top of this page ("I ate pizza because I was hungry") is a subordinate adverb clause. Until now, all the subordinate clauses we have studied have been adverb clauses. Here are a few more examples of adverb clauses:

But now it's time to learn about the other two types of clauses.

In this unit, we're going to start with noun clauses.

Instructions for the Quiz

Answer the questions.