Grammar 18


Identifying the Base Clause of Sentences with Phrases (Final Review)

Every sentence in the English Language has at least one clause, and 99% of these clauses fall into one of the following five patterns.

equative (S=C)

  • John is a doctor.
  • Mary is sad.

intransitive (SV)

  • The moon rose.
  • The baby slept.

transitive (SVO)

  • Veronica hit the ball.
  • Jeremy kicked the chair.

ditransitive (SVOiOd)

  • Bill gave Judy flowers.
  • Grandma baked me cookies.

dummy subject

  • There is a haunted house on the hill.
  • It is important to always take notes.

Sometimes, the clause is easy to identify. At other times it is obscured by all the "unnecessary" junk that can also be included in a sentence.

In this—the final quiz of this unit—let's see how good you have become at identifying the base clauses of a sentence that includes at least one phrase.

Instructions for the Quiz

Identify the base clause.