Grammar 9


Practice with Semicolons: Exposition

As you have already learned, sentences with semicolons can be useful when you want to include a second clause that "explains" the first clause.

The pattern looks like this:

  • Jill is mean; she always makes fun of everyone.
  • Carlos is nice; he always shares his snacks with his little sister.

In each of these sentences, the second clause "explains" (or provides an example of) the first clause. In such cases, we say that the second clause is adding exposition. ("Exposition" is a fancy word that basically means the same thing as "explanation".)

In this lesson, you'll practice writing such sentences on your own. Your finished work should look very much like this:

  1. The test was hard; it consisted of 100 questions.
  2. My cat is friendly; she loves to cuddle with anyone.
  3. My wife is smart; she can speak five different languages.
  4. The day was exceedingly hot; everyone was sweating profusely.
  5. The wind was strong; it almost blew our tent away.

Instructions for the Quiz

Write five sentences, using the pattern described in this lesson. The second clause should explain (or provide an example of) the first clause.