Grammar 7


Simplifying Sentences with Prepositional Phrases

The great thing about prepositional phrases is that you can always cancel them out.

Study the sentences in the table below. All the prepositional phrases, helping words, adjectives, and adverbs have already been canceled for you.

  Clause Pattern
The train passed through the tunnel. intransitive (SV)
In front of the altar, the priest stopped suddenly. intransitive (SV)
The woman in front of the orchestra is the conductor. equative (S=C)
According to the news report, the criminal stole a red car. transitive (SVO)
During the marathon, Iggy's legs complained with sharp pains. intransitive (SV)
We gave five dollars to the woman on the corner. transitive (SVO)
Janice loved him despite his faults. transitive (SVO)
Instead of crying, Joanna laughed. intransitive (SV)
I left the graduation ceremony before the final speech. transitive (SVO)
The jumping frog landed in her lap. intransitive (SV)

Instructions for the Quiz

Identify the base clause.