Formatting Titles

Fix Your Titles

You have written five blog posts, and we are now in the process of revising them to make them look as clean and professional as possible.

In this lesson, we're going to look for mistakes in the titles of your blog posts.

Typically, the title of a blog post is a short phrase (not a complete sentence or question). Here are some examples:

Do not put a period at the end of your title.

Furthermore, there are very specific rules regarding the capitalization of titles, and I expect you to follow them.

Here are the rules:

Study the following examples:

Wrong Correct

My favorite vacation

My Favorite Vacation

back to school

Back to School

an important lesson.

An Important Lesson

The First Day Of Summer

The First Day of Summer


The Day I Almost Died


Key Points

Lesson Steps

  1. Open your Writing Portfolio.
  2. Make sure that all your titles are formatted correctly. Follow the rules that you learned in this unit on titles!
  3. The titles of your five blog posts should look like this. (For blog posts 4 and 5, add a descriptive title after the colon.)
    • Blog Post #5:
    • Blog Post #4:
    • Blog Post #3: My Family Background
    • Blog Post #2: My Favorite Pastime
    • Blog Post #1: About Me

Self Check

  • Are the titles of your blog posts formatted correctly?
  • In the body of your posts, you may have referred to the titles of some books, movies, etc. Did you format these correctly?