Formatting Titles


Big Stuff: Books, Movies, and Websites

When referring to the title of another work in the body of your own paper, remember this rule:

"Big stuff" refers to longer works such as books, movies, and websites.

"Small stuff" refers to shorter works such as articles, songs, and poems.

But . . . I was taught to underline the titles of books. Is that not right?

In the old days, when I was growing up, students were taught to underline titles of books, like this:

Then came the internet. And—as you know—on the internet an underlined word usually means a hyperlink. And so the rule changed: Now it is customary to italicize the titles of books, like this:

It's also customary to italicize the names of newspapers, websites, and movies:

How do I italicize text?

Italics refers to the type style in which letters are slanted to the right, like this.

To italicize text, select the text then click on the icon that looks like a slanted capital I. This icon is usually found on the "edit text" ribbon.

Key Point:

It is customary to italicize the names of books, newspapers, websites, and movies. Do this even if you're submitting your work on paper (as opposed to electronically).





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