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Survey Results

Can you earn 200 points in 2.5 hours?


about right


too easy


too hard


Can you assign less points every week?

No, not unless you email me and explain your special circumstances.

can you make more 100 question quizzes?

I'll think about it. But generally speaking, I like to keep the quizzes short, so that you can retake them without losing too much work.

I can earn 200 points really fast on typing club but it is harder to earn 200 points doing belt levels. I feel good about the amount of work that you are assigning.

Good! Typing is important.

i forgot how many points i get from finishing lessons, could you remind me?

  • For multiple-choice quizzes, you get one point per correct answer.
  • For written work, you get two points for every 10 words that you write.
  • For Typing Club, you earn one point for every star that you earn.

I have a lot of home work and some work my mom makes me do for her also.

If you're finding it hard to keep up with English, send me an email.

I have been struggling, though other students may not have the same problem because I am a new typer.

I understand. But I promise: Stick with it, and typing will get easier. And, as I said in the introduction: Learning how to type properly may be the single most important thing you learn this year.

I like how you explain to us the directions on how to open up something or do something. Thank you for helping us.

Thank you!

I need less homeowork from this class.

Then send me an email and explain your situation.

I think that the amount of points should be 150 points.

Then send me an email and explain your situation.

I think the weekly points are a bit to much.

Then send me an email and explain your situation.

I wish you could give us a week off so the people who don't have good grades can get them up. I was one of those people and I really wished you gave us a week off so I could have cought up withought having to do the 200 points from the week. I think if even a few people have grades below a B then you should give us a week off because it would be nice even for the children who have A's because they could either get ahead or take a nice break and work on other classes.

Last week I gave almost everybody some "bonus points" to help them catch up, but now it's up to you: Try hard not to fall behind.

I've been having trouble with earning points lately because I was doing a lot of quizzes, but now I'm on a different part and the quizzes don't have many questions so I'm not earning that many points.

Yes, I understand. Not every quiz is equal in the amount of time it takes or the number of points you can earn. Generally speaking, grammar and vocab quizzes are "easy points" because there's not as much reading to do.

Since I have way more points than assigned, can I do work from my other classes during this class?

Yes, certainly.

Sometimes I get annoyed at typing because I type the wrong word but i got used to it.

Keep practicing, and you'll keep improving!

Thank you for being a pretty chill teacher.

Thank you, whoever you are!

The reason why I say I'm getting to much work. Is because I have a lot of other classes assignments to do, and each class assignment is about 1-hour. Which is a lot of work for me to do. So I think it would be better to earn around 150 points per week.

If it takes you longer than 2.5 hours per week to earn 200 points, email me and we'll talk about it.

This depends, if I'm on typing club and it's a easier level, then yes, it will take LESS than 2.5 hours, however if I'm on quia, this is more random because the points per test varies.

Yes, it is a bit random, but I do try to make each quiz about the same length. In my mind, a quiz should take, on average, about five minutes of work.

This is kind of unrelated but can you tell me how hard the book quizzes are.

I'm not sure what you mean.

  • For book reviews, you get "paid" 2 points for every 10 words.
  • For the Short Stories unit, you get 1 point per correct answer.
  • For the Novels unit . . . it's not up yet, but it's also basically going to be 1 point per correct answer.


When is the time we stop due Quia?

I'm not sure I understand your question. We're never going to stop doing Quia. If you're bored with "Quia", try doing another kind of quiz.