Creative Writing


Tortoise Shell Gleamed from Couches

In the opening chapter of The Greatest Salesman in the World, the author, Og Mandino, skillfully uses strong verbs to describe Hafid's palace:

Tortoise shell gleamed from couches and divans, and the wall, inlaid with gems, shimmered with brocades of the most painstaking design. Huge palms grew placidly in bronze vessels framing a fountain of alabaster nymphs while flower boxes, encrusted with gems, competed with their contents for attention. No visitor to Hafid's palace could doubt that he was, indeed, a person of great wealth.

Here are some more examples, taken from a random page by one of my favorite authors, Robert E. Howard:

  • Giant trees hemmed in the small pool.
  • The trunks of trees crowded the cliff.
  • Dead leaves carpeted the rocky shelf.
  • The rolling green ocean stretched away.
  • The forest thinned out and ceased abruptly, giving way to a dotted plain.
  • The walls of a city rose skyward.
  • Trees spread their leaves overhead.

Instructions for the Quiz

Choose the sentence with the stronger verb.