Narrative Writing


Your Story Idea

Do you have an idea for a story?

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30 Story Ideas

1 One day you invent a time machine.
2 One day you trade places with someone famous.
3 One day a spaceship lands on the playground of your school.
4 Your class grew plants as a science project. One day you looked at your plant and saw something really strange had grown there.
5 One morning you wake up with wings. 
6 On your birthday, a strange-looking lady comes to your door and hands you a wrapped present.
7 One day your teacher announces that your class is going on a wonderful field trip. 
8 One day, as you were petting and talking to your friend’s dog, it answered back.
9 As you walk down the hallway at school, you hear some strange music coming from the custodian’s closet. 
10 A distant relative bequeaths you a strange ring.  As you put this ring on, you discover that it has strange powers.
11 The teacher comes into the room and places a bag on her desk then leaves. The bag moves and wriggles.
12 Every day you pass a door. It’s always closed and locked.  One day, as you pass, you notice that the door is open.  You step inside.
13 Imagine you wake up one morning and find that you had switched places with a dog or a cat. 
14 Imagine that you've rescued a genie, and in return, the genie promises to grant you any wish. How might this go wrong?
15 Imagine one morning there’s a knock at your front door. You open the door, and to your great surprise, you find an alien standing there.
16 On your way to school one morning you see a huge truck speeding down the road. Suddenly, the back door of the truck opens and a large, mysterious box falls off the back of the truck.  It sits there in the road. What is in the box? What do you do? 
17 One spring day a skunk wanders into your classroom. What are the results? 
18 Imagine you had a time machine that you could take only to the past. Where would you choose to go? Think of what you would do there, what it would the like. Write a story of your adventure in the past.
19 One day you are sitting under a large tree.  An acorn hits you on the head, and you look up. There, on the branch above you sits a squirrel, laughing at you. The squirrel then looks you square in the eye, begins to talk to you, and asks you to return its acorn.  What would you do?
20 In a recent disaster, there were some kids who did some heroic things. Think what constitutes (makes) a hero. Imagine yourself as one. Now write a story in which you were a hero/heroine in a tough situation.
21 A little old lady gives you and a friend some magical glitter and tells you to sprinkle it on your hair and something special will happen. What happens when you try it?  
22 One day you and your friends walked up to an old, seemingly abandoned house. You couldn't see inside due to the dust and cobwebs on the windows. You decide to see if the door is locked.  You try the knob, and it turns. The door creaks open as if it has not opened in years. What happens next? What do you find?  What do you and your friend do? Write a story about entering that old, seemingly abandoned house.
23 Imagine that your sense of smell is more highly developed than everyone else’s. What experiences might you have? How might your life change? 
24 Imagine yourself temporarily lost in a foreign country where you do not know the language. How do you manage to communicate?  What might happen to you? Write a story about a day you might have spent lost in a foreign country without knowing the language.
25 Sometimes family members or friends embarrass you when other people are around. Think of some times this has happened to you. Think of what could happen. Write a story about some embarrassing incident you might have had and how you coped with it.
26 Now and then you, without meaning to do so, break something that belongs to someone else. Think about what might be broken. Think about what might happen as a result. Now, write a story about accidentally breaking something that belonged to someone else and the story of what happened as a result.
27 One day your teacher must go home. Your teacher leaves, telling you that someone else will teach the class for the rest of the time. Who do you think will replace the teacher?  What happens as a result? Write a story about a time your teacher had to go home, and someone else took over the class.
28 Imagine a journey on a pirate ship.
29 Think of a time when you've won something. Tell what you won and how you won it.
30 One day you wake up to find that you are twenty feet tall.

Instructions for the Quiz

Write a short story. Try to write at least 200 words.