Creative Writing


On the Table Is a Coffee Cup

Here is a description of my kitchen:

There is a coffee cup on the table. There is a frying pan on the stove. There is a carton of eggs on the counter. There is a bowl of fruit on top of the refrigerator. There is a clock on the wall.

The problem with that paragraph is that I haven't varied my sentence patterns. All my sentences start with "There is". It gets boring.

To avoid this mistake, learn this skill:

  1. Take a sentence that ends with a prepositional phrase:
    • There is a coffee cup on the table.
  2. Rearrange the sentence so that the prepositional phrase comes first.
    • On the table there is a coffee cup.
  3. Eliminate the word "there".
    • On the table is a coffee cup.

Instructions for the Quiz

For each sentence, follow the three steps outline above to form a new sentence.


Question: There is a cat under the table.
Answer: Under the table is a cat.