Creative Writing


Grand Entrance

Just for fun, let's take a short quiz:


Marybell came into the office, eyes lowered, gliding apologetically. She sat with legs straight and tight together and nervously smoothed her plain cotton dress down over her knees. She wore no polish on her bitten fingernails, and her face was devoid of makeup.


Marybell is
     A) timid
     B) confident


Lillian knocked briskly on the door and swung into the office, electric with energy, swinging a tiny purse, her heels clicking sharply on the tiles. Her head was high; her hairdo was beautiful. She gave me a wide, confident grin as she leaned across my desk to shake my hand. I proffered her a chair and she plumped down, crossed her pretty legs, whipped out a notebook and a ballpoint pen, and fixed me with keen, intelligent blue eyes that stared with total confidence out of her perfectly made-up face.


Lillian is
     A) timid
     B) confident


I trust you didn't find that quiz too difficult.

Good characters jump off the page and tell you who they are—before they even open their mouths.

In this lesson you're going to write a description of someone entering a room in a grand or memorable way. (Honestly, this lesson is not so different from the one that you just did). You can describe their physical appearance, their clothes, their actions, and their words. And don't be afraid to throw in a simile or metaphor (a comparison). Here are some examples:

Need some ideas?

Try mixing and matching from the following columns:

Character Trait Occupation
  • conceited
  • frightened
  • bossy
  • dainty
  • patriotic
  • shy
  • bewildered
  • classy
  • confident
  • dashing
  • chauffeur 
  • car dealer
  • movie star
  • priest
  • butcher
  • foster parent
  • doctor
  • delivery driver
  • art historian
  • soldier




Lesson Steps

  1. Open your writing portfolio.
    • Level 14
      • Grand Entrance
  2. Describe someone making a grand or memorable entrance.
    • Minimum word count: 150 words
  3. When you are finished, return to this page and take the quiz.

Instructions for the Quiz