Country Report (Pro)


Works Cited Heading

In this lesson you will write the heading for your Works Cited page and learn how to force a new page.


Create your Works Cited heading.

  • Put your cursor after your title.
  • Tap the Enter key about 10 times to put your cursor about half way down the page.
  • Write the words Works Cited.

Style your Works Cited heading.

  • Put your cursor somewhere in your Works Cited heading.
  • Click on Normal text and then choose Heading 1.

Force your Works Cited heading to start at the top of a new page.

  • Place your cursor in front of the “W” of Works Cited.
  • Hold down the Ctrl key while you tap Enter once.
  • This is the proper way to "force" a new page. Now your Works Cited page will always start on a fresh page, regardless of the changes you make to the body of your document.

Did you force your Works Cited page to start on a fresh page by pressing Enter multiple times?

  • That's the wrong way to do it. Follow the instructions above.

Did you create a separate file for your Works Cited page?

  • Do not keep your Works Cited page in a separate file. Your entire document should be in one file.

Check your work.

Your paper should now look very much like this:

France: A Wonderful Vacation Destination






Works Cited







Congratulations! You're done with this lesson.


Instructions for the Quiz

Answer the questions.